Dogs Rule.

In 1996, Amy Harlow adopted six week-old twin Shiba Inus, Lucy and Tonto, and quickly discovered how difficult it was to find cool, classic, quality products for dogs that were both fun and functional. With her education in fashion and a successful career in modeling, Amy brought her expertise from the catwalk to the dog park and the wagwear brand was born.

Founded in 1998, wagwear offers puppy chic in the latest colors and trends with fully-functional details such as reflective tape in the leashes and coats, materials such as oil cloth, canvas and climbing rope, and overall classic design one might find on the beaches of Cape Cod or the streets of Tribeca the same weekend.

In 2006, Amy opened her first flagship store in the heart of Greenwich Village. All of wagwear's clothing and accessories are designed, fit and made right here in NYC! That makes for high quality dog gear and the unique ability to custom-tailor most garments, whether a Daschund or a Great Dane, to your dog's special shape or size .

Stop by her shop for a custom fit or call and be guided through some fairly simple measurements. "But Fido and I live in Paris?" Wagwear ships internationally, domestically, down the street, or under the boardwalk. Anywhere your pup goes, we go.

Our Department: Walk. Wear. Carry. Play. Sleep.